CCAMC has a wide range of clients, from young disabled clients to the elderly and volunteers are the sustaining force for all the benefits provided by CCAMC. Volunteers are needed to help CCAMC fulfill its mission by helping our clients remain in their own homes for as long as possible. CCAMC provides respite to family caregivers and clients, who are the patrons of adult centers.

One way to get a jump-start on understanding what it’s like to work as a caregiver is to volunteer at an adult day care center. It’s a great way to “test” working with adults before getting a full or part-time job.

People that wish to have a career in health care, such as a nurse or a certified nurse assistant should find a way to volunteer in day centers. These experiences help people get a good handle on how demanding and yet fulfilling healthcare is in reality.

For information on how to volunteer, interested parties can contact CCAMC or local community centers, social service departments, religious organizations, and other adult day care centers.

The return you receive from helping will enrich your life.