CCAMC is developing a transportation network to provide safe, dignified, affordable, community-based and supported 24/7 automobile transportation to people age 60 and over and adults with visual impairments who have given up or limited their driving. A network is being designed to replicate the feelings of independence as well as the comfort and convenience of private automobile ownership. The network will use a combination of sophisticated software technology and consumer incentives to achieve the characteristics of mass transit–efficiency through matching drivers and riders in the same geographical areas, shared rides and advanced planning. It will be open to anyone 60 years or older and adults with visual impairments. Riders will be able to join the service as members and schedule rides 24 hours a day, seven days a week, for any reason within the service area (Hamilton County, Southern Butler County, and Northern Kentucky). Other key features of the program will include “arm-in-arm, door-through-door” service where members may be assisted with steps and packages, and the option of traveling alone or with others. Low-income riders may apply for a “Road Scholarship” to help with the cost of rides. Volunteers will be the backbone of CCAMC’s transportation network and will be the key to economic sustainability. Rides will typically be scheduled in advance with drivers being able to choose their own schedules.

CCAMC imagines a day when all seniors and adults with visual impairment in Hamilton County will have the transportation they need and want.