CCAMC provides activities and nutritional incentives that have an impact on our clients’ overall well-being and state of mind.  Our primary focus is on providing social, mental and educational stimulation.

Primary caregivers benefit by having a caring support system when they no longer feel comfortable leaving their loved ones alone.  As a result, caregivers are able to focus on their daily responsibilities, deal with emergencies, or take a respite while CCAMC provides for the daily needs of the people they love.

Our clients engage in hands on activities ranging from playing games, crafts, and learning basic computer and social media skills.  They are also encouraged to participate in the arts, reading, and physical exercises.

JOB SKILLS TRAINING – including workforce re-entry rehabilitation:

CCAMC is a Host Agency of the State of Ohio’s Senior Community ServiceEmployment Program (SCSEP).  By training at CCAMC, older workers and/or re-entry participants build the skills and behaviors needed to be successful in obtaining a job and keeping it.  Work-training in our realistic job environments provide learning and feedback that helps participants be successful in the long-term.

Mature Services, Inc. operates SCSEP to provide talented, hardworking people to CCAMC and other host agencies. Together, we  offer opportunities that improve the job readiness of mature workers while expanding their service to the community.


Our Community Garden garden benefits residents in the area and surrounding communities.  Individuals may have their own garden plot and plant their own fresh fruits and vegetables.  We encourage anyone to come and use the raised beds or plant the old fashion way.  Whatever your choice, our purpose is to provide a space for individuals to have access to fresh food, contribute to making our communities healthier and promote community activities, especially in our senior population and physically challenged individuals.  Don’t worry, if you don’t have any experience, seed or tools, we have an ample supply.  Bring your smile and we will get you started!   We are excited that The Pollination Project awarded the Martin Luther King Community Garden with a $1K grant to support our purpose as we continue to build raised beds for individuals with physical disabilities and the comfort of the elderly.